Here is the tale of a Suffolk drinking place, from the end of the Roman occupation of Britain until the 1980s. Roman veteran Paulus, crippled, is left behind. Being a worshipper of Mithras, the tavern became known as the One Bull. From then on it  changed with the times: a clearing house for contraband, a miniature Hellfire Club, a fashionable hotel, a pub.  Just across the Bull’s yard was the church of St. Cerdic: king and martyr, who fought the Danes and was once famous for miracles performed at the shrine. His remains were lost during the Reformation, yet something of the saintly presence lingered and had its effect on the fortunes of the One Bull. Through the times and and changes, one passion always ruled at the inn – to retain possession.  Don’t be misled by the cover – this is a very good read and NOT a romance novel.