On May 4, 1997, Ulrike ‘Ricky’ Conway, mother of two and estranged wife of a serving police officer, was found deceased in her suburban Canberra home. Police suspected Ricky had committed suicide, as she had tried and failed only the day before.  But one detective noticed something unusual – the toilet seat had been left up – and Ricky had been home alone all weekend. From this one observation, suspicions grew and an exhaustive investigation was launched into her death. Some thought the detectives were wasting their time, particularly when they began to focus on one of their own. Despite criticism, the investigation continued, uncovering an evil conspiracy of deceit and manipulation. Yet there was still no hard evidence to incriminate their prime suspect, John Conway.  The pressure was on the investigators: find evidence or disband. It seemed Ricky’s murder would go unsolved; until a breakthrough came from an unlikely source. Without it, Ricky’s death would have been a perfect murder.  Illustrated with colour photographs.