Here is a tale so ordinary in Fiji that it tends to be ignored. It is an account of hardships lashed out at those regarded as weak. The journey of Savriti is similar to many in Fiji – the abuses that her children face breed in the culture and is slowly getting acceptance as a common happening.   The book’s shocking climax, the violent death of Chottu, the attempts of the naive yet determined Maureen to save her brother from what she recognised as an exploitative and doomed relationship and the forced adulthood of Somu – who must become father and brother to his sisters on the death of Chottu – is one which must have been the subject of evidence in many murder trials in the Fijian courts. Yet in the short newspaper articles of murder trials in Fiji, the voices of children like Maureen, Gita, Chottu and Somu are never heard. A fictional story that depicts the ugly truth of Fijian society.