Since the days on antiquity people have been fascinated with angels: the ethereal beings who are said to hover between Heaven and Earth, watching over us to intercede in the age-old struggle between good and evil. Here is a collection of tales by well-known authors, who tell of winged messengers and their mysterious, magical and sometimes startling encounters on Earth. Some of these stories take place in contemporary settings, where the gritty realities of life would seem to negate the very existence of these heavenly creatures. There are tales of guardian angels, traditional angels, fallen angels and angels who seem to be very unlikely messengers of God.  In this volume: Unworthy Of The Angel, Stephen Donaldson; The Penalty, Henry Slesar; The Box, Bruce Coville; Angel Levine, Bernard Malamud; Angelica, Jane Yolen; Your Soul Comes C.O.D., Mack Reynolds; A Plethora Of Angels, Robert Sampson; The General Zapped An Angel, Howard Fast; Alfred, Lisa Goldstein; And The Angels Sing, Kate Wilhelm; Extract From Captain Stormfield’s Visit To Heaven, Mark Twain; What Men Live By, Leo Tolstoy; Basileus, Robert Silverberg; The Last Trump, Isaac Asimov; Angel’s Egg, Edgar Pangborn; The Big Sky, Charles De Lint; The Angel Was A Yankee, Steohen Vincent Benét.