Presenting fifteen gently humorous fun stories by some of the giants of science fiction…Are you ready to meet an elephant with a wooden leg? A Martian who has married your daughter? An entire island of beautiful girls just waiting for your touch? A house that spies on you when you go to bed? In this volume: Space Rats of the C.C.C., Harry Harrison;  How the World Was Saved, Stanisław Lem;  It Was Nothing – Really! Theodore Sturgeon; The Glitch, James Blish and L. Jerome Stanton; Conversation on a Starship in Warpdrive, John Brosnan; The Alibi Machine, Larry Niven; Emergency Society, Uta Frith; Look, You Think You’ve Got Troubles, Carol Carr; A Delightful Comedic Premise, Barry N. Malzberg; Trolls, Robert Borski; Elephant with Wooden Leg, John Sladek; Planting Time, Pete Adams and Charles Nightingale;  By the Seashore, R.A. Lafferty;  Hardcastle,  Ron Goulart; The Ergot Show, Brian W. Aldiss. Cover art by Graham Dean.