Everyone on Earth for a million years or more had known the great death stars were coming, that the Great World was doomed. One by one they would crash terribly down from the skies, falling without mercy for thousands of years, bringing fire, death, darkness, dust and smoke: an endless winter of sorrows.  Each of the people of Earth addressed its fate in its own fashion.  The vegetals and sapphire-eyes knew they would not survive and they made their preparations accordingly.  The mechanicals knew they could survive if they cared to, but they did not care to. The sea-lords understood that their day was done and they accepted that.  The hjjk-folk expected to emerge unharmed, and set about making certain of that.  And the humans, little groups of them, took refuge underground in cocoons to await the end of the cataclysm.  When that day came, groups like that led by Koshar emerged to find and very new and different world.  There were remnants of Earth’s former greatness as well s many dangers – old perils and new threats. Cover art by Nicholas Rodgers.