Thomas Stanley Hepworth (1916 – 1985) was a teacher, author and editor, responsible for the Australian Children’s Newspaper, The ABC Children’s Hour Annual Nos. 1–5 (1956–58, 1960–61), and The Australian Children’s Annual Nos 6–8 (1963–65). There is plenty to amuse and educate in this thoughtfully-produced annual: stories, plays, information on how things were manufactured, hobbies and other countries; songs; riddles; crosswords and handicrafts. Contributors to this edition include Ruth Park, Rowena Farre, Denys Burrows, G.K. Saunders and ‘The Argonauts’.  In a day of limited television, these annuals were regarded as very instructive for young people. Illustrated with cartoons and black and white photographs of events in Australia and overseas.