Arthur Daley, national institution, super patriot and Olympic gold medallist in Ducking and Diving, takes a long hard look at the state of the nation and asks: What Is Occurring? Her Majesty the Queen forced to open up the hallowed portals of Buck House and become a Pentax-dodger; Mrs Thatcher roaming the seas singing for her supper; the fate of the country left in the hands of a Nerd-Do-Well and a Chancellor who smokes cigarillos – and even Her Holiness Lady Porter treated like some common shoplifter at Tesco! But Arthur is on hand.  His brief? To hold out a beacon of hope to hapless Brits lost in a mailroom of uncertainty and to lead them back to the level playing field on top of the high moral ground. To bring the country back to basics on such burning topics as the Monarchy; Sport, Education; the Citizen’s Charter (Arthurised version); Europe, the Arts and the vexed question of Sunday Trading – in short it’s an in-depth company report on Great Britain that makes the Doomsday Book look like a takeaway menu from the Fulham Golden Palace.