Battles At Thrush Green (Book IV of Thrush Green) : Feelings are running high in the Cotswold village of Thrush Green. The rector’s plan for the neglected churchyard doesn’t meet with universal approval; there is a clash of personalities at the local school; and someone has returned to the village after an absence of fifty years.  Return To Thrush Green (Book V of Thrush Green): It’s spring again in the village and with the change of the seasons comes change in the lives of many villagers. The Young family’s tranquility is disrupted by the sudden arrival of Joan’s father, while Molly and Ben Curdle consider putting an end to their wandering days in order to finally settle down. Even the reappearance of sexton Albert Piggot – one of Thrush Green’s more malevolent sorts – cannot dim the happiness that inevitably prevails at Thrush Green.