Sho-sa Yubari Takuda leads a Draconis Elite Strike Tea, one of the Combine’s commando units.Well versed in techniques of conventional and unconventional warfare, even MechWarriors respect and fear the prowess of these deadly soldiers. Takuda, a follower of the ancient code of the samurai, believes in the superiority of the Combine warrior culture and believes it will produce a harmonious, prosperous society¬† – if the realm can be freed from the pressures of foreign aggressors.¬† But when a JumpShip malfunction catapults Takuda’s team and a company of mercenary MechWarriors beyond known space, he finds his long-held beliefs challenged when they find themselves on a planet inhabited by a primitive race who are descendants of humans from the Draconis Combine. Cover art by Boris Vallejo. Illustrations by Rick Harris and Duane Loose.