A veritable feast of  horror, spine chillers and tales to keep you awake. This volume includes: Mark of the Beast, Chico Kidd; Crocodile Lady, Christopher Fowler; All For Sale, Ramsey Campbell;  The Two Dicks, Paul McAuley; By Her Hand She Draws You Down, Douglas Smith; O Death, Where Is Thy Spatula, Poppy Z. Brite; Got To Kill Them All, Dennis Etchison; No More A-Roving, Lynda E. Rucker; First Catch Your Demon, Graham Joyce; Pump Jack, Ronald R. Burleson; Outfangthief, Gala Blau; The Lost District, Joel Lane; Simeon Dimsby’s Workshop, Richard A. Lupoff; Our Temporary Supervisor, Thomas Ligotti; Whose Ghosts Are These, Charles S. Grant; Shite Hawks, Muriel Gray; Off The Map, Michael Chislett; Most Of My Friends Are Two-Thirds Water, Kelly Link; City In Aspic, Conrad  Williams; Where All Things Perish, Tanith Lee; Struwwelpeter, Glen Hirshberg; Cleopatra Brimstone, Elizabeth Hand; Cats and Architecture, Chico Kidd; Necrology: 2001, Stephen Jones and Kim Newman.