Fifth annual edition, 1976.  Stories in the volume:  The Bitter Bread, Poul Anderson: After the Armageddon War, a puritanical form of Christianity becomes the state-sponsored ideology. Mail Supremacy, Hayford Peirce: A light-hearted story in which Chap Foey Rider begins to wonder about the mail system and how it works. Child Of all Ages, P.J. Plauger: A child who is granted immortality before attaining puberty finds that being a child who never grows up is far removed from an idyllic Peter Pan-like existence.  Tree Of Life, Phyllis Eisenstein: A mulberry tree in a new housing development attracts an alien visitor.  Helbent Four, Stephen Robinett: A warrior sent to fight aliens returns to Earth 300 years later – but it isn’t the Earth he left. Pop Goes The Weasel, Robert Hoskins: Growing up is hard enough – and when the entire world seems to conspire to prevent maturation, it’s impossible! The Book Learners, Liz Hufford: An astronaut carrying a bible crashes on a planet – with the result that hundreds of its inhabitants annually claim to be Jesus Christ. High Yield Bondage, Hayford Peirce: A damaged alien spacecraft lands secretly on Earth. Senior Citizen, Clifford D. Simak: Theoretically, a senior citizen might live longer in space…much longer…The Peddler’s Apprentice, Joan D. Vinge and Verner Vinge: A peddler, Jagit Katchetooriantz, travels into the future to sell his wares, depending on civilisation’s changes for fresh wares. But then the Givernment takes an interest in his activities.