On 29 February 2000, Katherine Knight – mother of four, and a grandmother – seduced then stabbed John Price 37 times. A former abattoir worker, she skinned him. A loving partner, she cooked him with vegetables, making a soup with his head. She made gravy, and left him on plates for his family…Price was her de facto, and he wanted out. And Ketharine didn’t like that…People said that most of the time Katherine seemed normal – until she got angry. She was judged to be legally sane when she committed a crime so horrible the media shied away from the details. Lalor covered the trial and wanted to know what made Knight go way over the borderline. He uncovers the layers of her dysfunction, opens the door of 84 St. Andrews Street and heads into the lives of Knight’s ex-partners, her family and the locals of Aberdeen, New South Wales. Illustrated with colour photographs.