A motorway is proposed through Cleene Gorge, and everyone’s got an opinion about it. At one end of Cleene Gorge is Handyman Hall; the home of  Sir Giles and Lady Maud Lynchwood. Sir Giles is secretly in favour of ensuring that the motorway passes through the Cleene Gorge   as he’ll be paid compensation for the destruction of Handyman Hall, which is under a  covenant preventing its sale.  Lady Maud is just as fierce in opposing the motorway and expects George to support her. Enter Maud’s gardener, Blott, a former German P.O.W. He’s strongly patriotic towards his new home nation and home and fiercely devoted to Maud.  With his military training, and some leftovers of the war secretly buried on the estate, Blott begins a wildly inept and covert campaign to undermine the construction of the motorway and Sir Giles’ skullduggery.  Vintage Sharpe humour. Cover shows David Suchet as Blott  in the BBC TV series.