After telling the world of his remarkable contacts with apparent aliens in his mega-best sellers Communion and Transformation Whitley Strieber suddenly and mysteriously retired from public life in 1989. At the time he said he would not return unless he has something fundamentally new to say about the beings he calls ‘the visitors’. What had happened in 1989 is that he had gotten compelling proof that the visitors were real. His first impulse was to rush this information to press but then he became concerned¬† that this might be interpreted as a signal to the visitors to initiate world wide contact. He was worried¬† what this might mean. Not all encounter experiences were good. People were afraid. Strieber himself was afraid. He spent five years struggling to understand, and the visitors responded by taking him an astounding journey of revelation to answer his questions:¬† Who are they? What was their intentions? What did they want or need from us? The answers were so impactful that Strieber became a virtual hermit, searching his soul and living in close touch with the visitors for months at a time in order to understand their aim and the priceless new potentials available to everyone who has contact with them.