The Bunyip Hole: The North Coast country south of the Queensland border is the kind of place anything might happen, but even the four Collins children, who lived there, did not expect their holiday camp in the old shack by the waterfall to provide so many surprises. A Bunyip is as real as imagination make sit.  To Binty Collins, that was very real indeed and there was nothing imaginary about the Bunyip Hole.             The Rocks of Honey: High in ‘the rocks of honey’, so Aboriginal legend went, Warrimai the club thrower had hidden a stone axe which he believed to be cursed. Over the years, many men searched for it. Barney Willis and his Aboriginal friend Eustace are determined to climb the rocks and find the axe. They are trailed by a strange, fey girl, Winnie Bates, who has a tendency to burst into ters and a surprising ability to get her own way.  When at last the axe is found, the past reaches out to touch them all.