Carrie: Carrie’s a gawky, shy fifteen year old – always the odd one out. All she wants is to be normal. After a traumatic bullying incident, she finds that she is telekinetic and when the ultimate degradation is heaped on her by school bullies, her powers give her the ideal revenge.

The Shining: Danny is just five years old but to old Mr. Hallorann, he is a ‘shiner’ – a vessel of psychic voltage. When Danny’s father becomes the winter caretaker of the Overlook Hotel, Danny’s visions run riot. As winter blizzards close them in, the hotel begins to develop a life of its own.  It should be empty.  But who is the lady in Room 21? And who are the masked guests going up and down in the elevator?  And why do the hedges, all shaped like animals, seem to come alive?  There is an evil force in the Overlook Hotel…and it too is beginning to shine.

‘Salem’s Lot: Many years ago, Hubert Marsten – wealthy eccentric of ‘Salem’s Lot – blasted his wife with a shotgun then hanged himself. For decades, the local kids dared and double-dared each other to go into the abandoned house. But now the old Marsten house is coming alive again…in the most awful of ways.  Its infection begins to spread through the little town, to manifest in the most unspeakable of ways until practically no-one is human any longer.  Ben Mears, writer, and his eleven year old charge Mark, escape the horror, only to have to return and put a stop to it once and for all – if they can.

All titles contained herein are complete and unabridged.