Midnight Louie, the jet-black feline sleuth who thinks he’s Sam Spade with hairballs, finds some suspicious jumpsuit-clad Kings of Rock ‘n’ Roll wreaking havoc in his home town of Las Vegas. It all begins when Midnight Louie’s human partner, P.R. woman Temple Barr, learns something strange about one of her accounts.  It seems that ghost sightings are holding up the remodeling of the Crystal Phoenix hotel.  But that’s not the strange part. What’s strange is that the workmen swear that the ghost is none other than the (supposedly) deceased King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. Could the ghost be an uninvited visitor from the nearby Kingdome – a Elvis-themed tourist attraction – or is he a more otherworldly visitor? Meanwhile, the daughter of Temple’s professional enemy, a lovely seventeen year old who bears a striking resemblance to Priscilla Presley, is in trouble.  A series of death threats culminates in a razor-tattoo attack, leaving her with the letter”E” carved in her neck. And Temple’s neighbour and former suitor has been receiving some unusual calls to his midnight radio hotline – and guess who the caller sounds like? When a dead Elvis is found, it’s not only a question of whodunnit – but why and who is the dead man? Could Elvis still be alive and hiding behind his impersonators? Or is he really dead again – or for the first time? Or not at all? Cover art by Roger Loveless.