A banquet for the serious sci-fi buff. In this volume:  A selection from The Ideal, Stanley G. Weinbaum; Moxon’s Master, Ambrose Bierce; Reason, Isaac Asimov; But Who Can Replace A Man? Brian Aldiss; A selection from The Time Machine, H.G. Wells; Of Time and Third Avenue, Alfred Bester;  Sail On! Sail On! Philip José Farmer; A selection from Worlds Of The Imperium, Keith Laumer;  The Business, As Usual; Mack Reynolds; What’s It Like Out There? Edmond Hamilton; Sky Life, Robert A. Heinlein; The Star, Arthur C. Clarke; The Crystal Egg, H.G. Wells; The Wind People, Marion Zimmer Bradley; Unhuman Sacrifice, Katherine Maclean; What Was It? Fitz-James O’Brien; The First Days Of May, Claude Veillot; Day of Succession, Theodore L. Thomas; Angel’s Egg, Edgar Pangborn; Another World, J.H. Rosny AînéA selection from Odd John, Olaf Stapledon; Call Me Joe, Poul Anderson; A selection from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, Jules Verne; You Are With It! Will Stanton; Cease Fire, Frank Herbertand Mark Twain speaks from the London Times of 1904.