Conveniently divided into sections and featuring some serious scarcities…The Bells of Hell contains: The Hunted Beast, T.F. Powys; Lines, Oscar Wilde; Exercise, George Crabbe; Captain Murderer, Charles Dickens; Innocents-Song, Charles Causley;  Tailpiece, Harry Graham. In Seeds of Destruction: The Small Assassin, Ray Bradbury; Berenice, Edgar Allan Poe; Mr Loveday’s Little Outing, Evelyn Waugh; Randolph’s Party, John Lennon; The Tender Age, John Collier; More Spinned Against, John Wyndham. The section dealing with Love and Death…Lines, W.E. Henley and Oscar Wilde; Necessity, Harry Graham; The Abyss, Leonid Andreyev; Porphyria’s Lover, Robert Browning; A Woman Seldom Found, William Sansom; The Monk, M.G. Lewis; At The Draper’s, Thomas Hardy; An Actor Of Parts, P.S; O Amiable Lovely Death, William Shakespeare. A trip into Unquiet Minds: The Spectre-Smitten, Samuel Warren; Lines, Edgar Allan Poe; The Desire To Be A Man, Villiers de L’Isle-Adam; Bianca, Arthur Symons; The Yellow Wallpaper, Charlotte Perkins Gilman; Meeting With A Double, George D. Painter; Miss Cornelius, William Fryer Harvey; Drugged, Walter de la Mare; Mummy to the Rescue,  Angus Wilson; A Little Place Off The Edgeware Road, Grahame Green. Apparitions shows…Green Tea, J. Sheridan le Fanu; The Upper Berth, F. Marion Crawford; Skirmish, Clifford Simak.  And literally, the finale, The Dance of Death, Charles Baudelaire; Holy-Day For Ghosts, John  Dryden and Nathaniel Lee; A Tough Tussle, Ambrose Bierce; The Living Death, Oscar Wilde; Envoi, D.B. Wyndham Lewis.  With some truly horrific illustrations by Goya, Klee, Bellmore, Grünewald, Beardsley and an illustration by John Lennon for his story, Randolph’s Party.