Chelsea chicks never grow old. Nurtured cradle to grave by Peter Jones, they are born with a sense of style anglais. At five, they go there for their first school uniform. At seventy-five – with unlined face – they still pop in from the King’s Road in mock-croc leggings and thigh-high boots, eager to sample the latest lip-gloss. The grannies of Cadogan Square are the guardians of hereditary secrets. Like Grendel’s mother in Beowulf, they preside over fabulous ring hoards. Some – grown ancient – remember the Sixties, when Mary Quant unleashed the mini-skirt. The Chelsea Chicks of today saunter down the King’s Road, swinging Prada bags and gossiping on their smart phones but despite a growing crowd of celebrities, Chelsea remains a family place devoted to Youth and Art. This sly, fun little book covers 500 years of Chelsea Chicks, from Catherine Parr and the aftermath of a royal sex scandal of epic proportions to a runaway rabbit at the famous Flower Show. Everyone and everything bohemian gets a mention, from Charles II to Rossetti and his models to Oscar Wilde to the famous Paradise Walk.