Three stories full of chilling black magic detail. The Devil Rides Out: The aristocratic Duc de Richleau and van Ryn rescue a friend from a Satanic cult in England, do battle with the Angel of death and flee across Europe to Greece for an encounter with the cult’s leader, who is in possession of the Talisman of Set. To The Devil, A Daughter: Young, beautiful Christina is being groomed to be the sacrificial virgin at a ceremony that will give life to homunculus devil creatures.  Writer Molly Fontaine and her son John battle time, ruthless gangsters and the forces of evil to try to save Christina.  Gateway to Hell: When van Ryn makes off with a fortune from the family vault, de Richleau discovers a trail of terror behind van Ryn’s disappearance.  High society figures, brutal thugs, former Nazis and devil-worshippers indulge in depraved rituals, planning to bring chaos to the world.

Wheatley worked in British Intelligence in World War II, in a department that ‘didn’t exist.’ What he didn’t know about black and white magic isn’t worth knowing.