A selection of fabulous Watson shorts. This volume includes: The Coming of Vertumnus – a whimsical commentary on sex, art, and eco-terrorism that twists darkly into frightening speculation on brainwashing via designer drugs;  Swimming With The Salmon – a protracted seduction leading to eyebrow-raising thoughts on fish farming and interspecies hybrids; Nanoware Time – Life after death, psi powers, aliens and governmental paranoia meld into a fantastical jaunt through hyper-reality; Virtually Lucid Lucy – a surrealist nightmare of lucid dreaming, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and aliens to the rescue; The Odour of Cocktail Cigarettes – a what-is-reality puzzle set by a composite alien, with advanced technology as the prize; The Tale of Peg And The Brain – an English village where nothing is quite what it seems;  Happy Hour – in which an ancient power, now dwelling in an air extractor fan in a country pub, becomes hungry; Looking Down on You – an invisible being is in search of…something; and Life In The Groove – where the universe is imagined as a jukebox… Talk of the Town – Daventry speaks to the youthful narrator.