Conan the Unconquered: Less than nineteen years old and new to the snares and enticements of ‘civilisation’, the young Conan must join forces with Karela, a seductive lady bandit, to storm the palace of the evil necromancer Amanar and confront the dreaded Eater of Souls.

Conan the Defender: As revolution brews in the streets of Belverus, Conan braves the traps and treacheries of the Royal Palace of the Dragon. Pursued by the luscious Sularia, Conan challenges a magic-spawned menace that cannot die – the invincible Siulacrum of Albanus.

Conan the Invincible: Conan defies the sorcerous power of the Cult of Doom for the sake of a beautiful young woman known only as Yasbet. Cover art by Kevin Twiddell.