Described as ‘mainly autobiographical’ by Gallico, this is a collection of some of his short stories that appeared in American and British magazines, spanning the years from his very first which appeared in the Saturday Evening Post to later stories which reflected his life in Europe. Of course, there is always more to the tale than first appears. From where did the idea come? How much of the writer’s personal life, personality and personal problems have got into the telling? For each story in this volume, Gallico has written a separate background. The tales herein: McKabe; Flood; Did You See The Coronation? The Roman Kid; The Witch Of Woonsapucket; Penntifer’s Plan; Oh, Them Golden Mittens; Thief Is An Ugly Word; The Dowry; Verna; The Enchanted Doll; The Glass Door; The Awful Secret of M. Bonneval; The Hat; The Silver Swans; The Silent Hostages; Shut Up Little Dog; Love Is A Gimmick; The Lost Hour; Orchestrations for Twelfth Night.