Congo: An expedition sent by Earth Resources Technology is attacked and killed by unknown creatures. The team had stumbled on the legendary lost city of Zinj while searching for diamond deposits and a video image from a camera transmitted by satellite to the base in Houston show the killers to be grey haired gorillas. The second expeditionary team locate the demolished camp and encounter the gorillas, several of which are killed. An autopsy reveals they are gorilla-chimpanzee-human hybrids and closer to humans than gorillas. But who bred them? And why?

The Terminal Man: Covering four days in 1971, Harry Benson suffers from epileptic seizures and blackouts since a car accident in 1969. He has no memory of what happens during the blackouts; but when he attacks a man and is arrested, he is deemed a candidate for the experimental procedure of having a ‘brain pacemaker’ implanted to see if it will stop the seizures.¬† But the seizures become more frequent, and the monitoring shows that Benson has learnt to initiate seizures involuntarily because the result is a shock of pleasure – leading to more seizures. He escapes from the hospital – and when his identity is found¬† at a murder scene, the hunt is on.