Nino, now an Australian with the help of his mates and missus, has a chance to get a few laughs at the expense of workmates Joe and Dennis as they accompany him on a trip to Italy to visit Nino’s parents.  Joe and Dennis have never left Sydney and they travel by aeroplane and cargo ship and buy a cheap car in Germany to drive to Italy. They arrive at the Culotta family villa, and Nino’s father, a crusty and misbehaving patriarh who loves to conduct local feuds, is only concerned that Nino and Kay have not been ‘properly’ married by an Italian priest. Nino’s mother is worried that the children will be eaten by kangaroos. By the time they return to Sydney, Joe and Dennis have learnt a smattering of several European languages and despite their working-class ‘Ocker’ background, have acquired a veneer of European sophistication, preferring wine to beer and Italian suits – a veneer, of course, that doesn’t last too long!   Illustrated by ‘Wep’.