Joseph Creed is a paparazzo – he chases and harasses celebrities for candid shots, hopefully the seedier kind. Creed is a sleaze – but good at his job; he’s unkempt and uncouth, a coward, a liar and a would-be blackmailer.  He’s also a womaniser and a divorcee. He looks a little like Mickey Rourke – and knows it. After the funeral ceremony of a major Hollywood actress, Creed photographs a man desecrating the grave. Creed himself is observed and there is a series of horrific events designed to frighten him into handing over the film.  The man he has photographed bears a strong resemblance to a a man who was hanged in the 1930s for murder and mutilation of children. Creed eventually discovers that his antagonists are the Fallen Angels of Europe. Their powers are waning, the centuries of evil have taken their toll. Creed finds them – in an old folks’ rest home…Cover art by James Herbert.