Fire is always a potential enemy in Australia’s Blue Mountains, where Howard Anderson and Julian Fane are building a holiday resort. Anderson is proud of the venture, but Fane secretly plots to burn it down as an insurance fraud. He’s hired a ‘burning man’ – arsonist Steve Adams – to do the job. This isn’t the first of Fane’s insurance scams and even as he plots the new one, there are suspicions about his activities in the past. Adams acts as a hit-man to eliminate one snooper, but another investigator is already on the trail. As bushfires erupt in the Mountains during the extreme heat, Anderson knows there’s a lot more wrong than a very active bushfire season – and it’s not only a race to save his resort, but his daughter, from her new boyfriend Steve… From an original idea by Kit Denton; filmed in 1982 starring Tom Skerrit, Wendy Hughes James Mason and Ian Gilmour. Fun Fact: the boss of the Cosmic Cauldron was one of many Rural Service members who participated in the film.