A volume of 22 tales of darkest lust and deepest obsession…Lunch at the Gotham Café, Stephen King: A separated couple, Steve and Diane, meet to discuss their impending divorce, yet Steve still does not know why his wife has left him – and the day is not helped by a waiter on the brink of a psychotic, murderous break… The Psycho, Michael O’Donoghue:  A very special psycho is on an indiscriminate shooting rampage… Pas de Deux, Kathe Koja: A woman leaves an unpleasant yet materially comfortable marriage to embrace her particular – and warped – vision of becoming  a dancer. Bright Blades Gleaming, Basil Copper: A moody obsessive young man who dwells in cheap lodgings, sneers the world around him and watches young girls, as he contemplates the ‘instruments necessary’ for his ‘tasks’…Hanson’s Radio, John Lutz: A tale of urban neighbors and what happens when they get on each others nerves. Refrigerator Heaven, David J. Schow: A man is spirited away for interrogation and torture – and he has no idea who is doing it or why…Ro Erg, Robert Weinberg: A man receives a mysteriously addressed letter inviting him to apply for a very generous credit card limit…Going Under, Ramsey Campbell: An inconsiderate cell-phone user on a charity walk annoys other participants…to the limit… Hidden, Stuart M. Kaminsky: A boy who almost drowned develops very peculiar behaviour. Prism, Wendy Webb: A tale of madness and multiple personalities. The Maiden, Richard Laymon: A skinny-dipping escapade becomes a plunge into sex and savagery for a teenage boy.  You’ve Got Your Troubles, I’ve Got Mine…Bob Burden: A newly released mental patient may not be the best man for the job of selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door. Waco, George C. Chesbro: A tale of David Koresh’s gasoline raptures – and a vulture… The Penitent, John Peyton Cooke: An inventive sadist and an insatiable masochist create Hell – literally… Driven, Kathryn Ptacek: A woman’s life is falling apart, minute by minute…how much more can she take? Barbara, John Shirley: A woman is carjacked by two punks – and then it’s a contest to see who will outwit and out-psyche who. Hymenoptera, Michael Blumlein: a burned out fashion designer gains inspiration when an eight-foot-long wasp shows up in his studio. The End of It All, Ed Gorman: A mother and daughter engage in a game of sexual one-upwomanship.  Heat, Lucy Taylor: A nymphomaniac is turned on by…fire. Thin Walls, Nancy A. Collins: A story that will resonate with apartment dwellers everywhere. Locked Away, Karl Edward Wagner: A locket ‘unlocks’ a woman’s most intense sexual fantasies. Loop, Douglas E. Winter: A man is obsessed with a porn star – and he’ll follow her to the very end…Cover art by Steve Crisp.