Crime writer Robert Reid chronicles 14 cases, involving bizarre murders and unexplained disappearances that have created headlines in newspapers and television bulletins across Australia, and in some instances around the world…Convicted child killer was on trial for the murders of four women when one of his victims suddenly turned up, alive…Japanese backpacker Michiko Okuyama dreamt of scuba-diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Instead she was dragged off a Cairns street, bashed to death and her body callously dumped in a wheelie bin.  Her killer, 16 years old at the time, can never be idenitifed…Jason Tyler fought bravely for his life but was overwhelmed and murdered. It took seven years to convict his killer…American scuba divers Tom and Eileen Lonergan disappeared after being left behind let behind on a trip to the Great Barrier Reef – a tragic mistake. The couple drowned at sea – or did they? Tom Lonergan’s diary revealed that he was ready to die, but Eileen’s diary shows that she feared she would be caught in her husband’s death wish. What really happened to the Lonergans? Rachel Antonio set out for the movies in Bowen and never came home.  A local lifesaver was found guilty of her manslaughter but later exonerated. Who did kill Rachel and where is her body? Kelvin Condren spent seven years in jail for a murder committed while he was drunk in a Mount Isa watch-house – but he was sent to trial and found guilty anyway. Was it because he was an alcoholic, a drifter and an Aborigine? Angela Mealing went to a party and was found six weeks later, dead on a creek bank. A police officer admitted to picking the teenager up and dropping her in Gordonvale. He was later dismissed for lying to investigators  but never charged with any offence.   Did Angfela commit suicide or was she taken to that lonely place and murdered? Illustrated with black and white photographs.