There Will Be War, Volume IV. In this volume: Macdonough’s Song, Rudyard Kipling: Whether the State can loose and bind In Heaven as well as on Earth… The Cloak And The Staff, Gordon R. Dickson: A skilled human translator tries to balance his desire to stay alive with his need to lash out at Earth’s monstrous overlords, who treat humans as cattle, or at best, pets. Winter Snow, Eric Vinicoff and Marcia Martin: From the President Nivling series. A Way Out Maybe… or A Dead End For Sure, John Brunner: A Disarmer’s Assessment of Western ‘Defence’ Policy.  A Letter from the Soviet Union, Alexander Shatravka: The author was arrested in 1982 for his activities in the Unofficial Group To Establish Trust Between The USSR and the US.  Emergency Ration , Theodore R. Cogswell: Cannibalistic aliens come up with what they think is  afoolproof method of dining on humans… The Proud Foot of the Conqueror, Reginald Bretnor: Will there be a time when rule with honour will succeed? Lepanto, Gilbert Keith Chesterton: The epic poem which tells of the defeat of the Ottoman fleet of Ali Pasha by the Christian crusader, Don John of Austria. A Cure for Croup, Edward P. Hughes: Despite the fall of civilisation, the villagers of Barley Cross are determined to live normal lives. Battle At Kahlkhopolis, Robert Adams: Centuries after World War III, the Horseclans roam the vast emptiness of the Americas. Conqueror of Vectis, Keith Taylor: A fantastic tale of betrayal and revenge. Pretty Baby, Ray Peekner: A day and age of engineered, perfect babies…The Man in the Gray Weapons Suit, Paul J. Nahin: Will A.I and ‘fifth generation’ computers be the future weapons of warfare? Reagan Vs. The Scientists, Robert Jastrow: Jastrow, the head of NASA’s theoretical division, discusses the Reagan administration response to the USSR. Joined the Space Force To Wear My Blues, John Maddox Roberts: Boredom can be just as deadly as an enemy attack… PsyOps, Stefan T. Possony: On psychological Warfare.  Three Soldiers, D.C. Poyer: A German WW2 officer, a Zulu warrior and a Roman centurion all wake to find they have been abducted and pitted in gladiatorial combat against alien beings. Interim Justice, William F. Wu: A futuristic tale in which lawyers are obsolete and disputes are settled with war games. No Truce With Kings, Poul Anderson: In a post-apocalyptic United States, the Pacific States of America are racked by wars backed on one side by the “Espers”, a movement claiming their followers achieve great psychic powers.Cover art by Bob Layzell