It is the year 3000. The world has been devastated by neutron war and the survivors practice peaceful co-existence in a federation of domed cities, where war is outlawed for all time.  But Helix City has remained outside the Federation and its political system is a totalitarian nightmare. Lord Zirpola, the sadistic hereditary ruler of Helix, holds despotic sway, punishing all opponents by sentencing them to the Deathsport – a bloody gladiatorial combat where the odds are loaded and to lose is to suffer an ingeniously cruel death. The newest contestant in the area is Ranger Guide Kaz Oshay, the only man with the spirit to question and defy the repressive regime. He and his beautiful co-guide Deneer challenge the system, but can  anything human succeed against the sophisticated technology of slaughter? Novelisation of the 1978 film starring David Carradine. Cover is taken from the theatrical release poster.