Okay – so it looks like the Kelly Club is finally closing down – it had to happen sooner or later. And it isn’t as if Les Norton will starve.  He’s got money snookered away, he owns his house and his blue-chip investment, a block of flats in Randwick, must be worth a bomb by now.  Except that the place is falling down, the council is reclaiming the land, there’s been a murder in Flat 5 and the tenants are the biggest bunch of misfits since the Manson Family. And that’s just the good news, because the Longer Les owns the flats, the more money he loses. So this time, Les is really up against it. But while he’s trying to solve his financial problems, he still has time to fight hate-crazed roadies, sort out a drug deal (after fighting a gang of bikers) help a feminist Balmain writer with some research she won’t forget in a hurry, and get involved with Franulka, super-sexy lead singer of the all-girl rock band, The Heathen Harlots. And with the help of two ex-Romanan Securitate explosive experts, he might even be able to sort out his investment. But can Les pull off the perfect crime?  Of Course –  and throw the street party of the year at the same time!