This novel spans 130 years and follows the line of women of the Wrotham family, beginning with Sabrina in 1806. The daughter of a socially disgraced, sadistic rouĂ©, she is sponsored into ‘Society’ by her step-aunt – after having had some good manners vigorously instilled in her and her tomboyish ways smoothed out. Her brother Prior’s marriage and production of children play a part in keeping the Wrotham name going. The next Wrotham woman is Clare – her brother Anthony’s marriage to Harriet brings Charlotte to the line and the last is Gillian Rose, known as ‘Jill’. The diaries and letters of the women are fictitious but the times in which the story is set are not, and many historical characters and events of England are brought to the story. As the generations overlap, with the members of each generation subscribing to the beliefs of their day, there is little sentimental romance involved – just a very good story, tinted with gentle romance and enhanced by the backdrop of historic reality.