He’s back – and it’s about time! December, 1999 – on the brink of a new millennium, an anachronistic British Police Box appears in San Francisco’s Chinatown amid a hail of bullets which find an unintentional target – the strange man who walks out of the Police Box. Despite the best efforts of Dr. Grace Holloway, the unknown traveler dies and his body vanishes. And then another stranger appears, claiming to be the same inside a different body; a mysterious wanderer in time and space known only as the Doctor. But he’s not the only time traveler in San Francisco – his oldest adversary, the Master, is there as well and trying desperately to steal the Doctor’s newly-regenerated body.  Soon the Doctor is faced with a choice –  to save his own life, or the billions of people who have no future unless the Master is stopped.  If only the Doctor could remember how…The volume contains eight pages of colour photographs from the BBC film starring Paul McGann.