Australia, 1956.  The world’s toughest car race; the Redex Trial. Twenty-one days and ten thousand miles of searing heat, rock-hard desert, driving rain, flooded rivers and icy mountain trails. There’ll be blow outs and breakdowns; subterfuge and sabotage; and dust and glory.  Driving at breakneck speed through these appalling conditions, six competitors break from the pack and fight for the lead. Jack Davey, radio star and household name, carrying a tragic secret; Kit Armstrong, Davey’s co-driver, determined to beat the ex-lover she believes has betrayed her; Harley Alexander, the idealistic young reporter who uncovers underworld attempts  to scuttle competitors; Gelignite Jack Murray, legendary Redex winner, larrikin and cult hero, fighting to clear the name of a mate; J.J. Chesterfield, ace American driver, and forced to cheat in the race by a Mafia boss who is holding his daughter hostage; and Carey Roberts, a Mafia strongman sent to Australia to  make sure Chesterfield wins and who realises, too late, that his own life depends on the outcome of the race.