Howard Anderson, an American architect, is designing and building a luxury resort in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. It’s summer, and almost Christmas –  and the Rural Fire Service are on alert for bush fires which are springing up with unusual rapidity. There’s one close to the building site, and Anderson is getting short shrift from Fire Command who are prioritising schools and dwellings.  And Anderson’s business partner Julian Fane feels he’d rather have the millions that a destructive fire would bring in insurance money. Bushfire incidents increase in the week before Christmas and now there’s one or two interested and suspicious parties: Sophie McCann, an insurance lawyer and George Engels, from Lloyds of London, who is prepared to work with Anderson to find the arsonist. And Anderson’s daughter Maggie comes home for Christmas with new boyfriend Steve, who is a distinctly off-beat character.  There’s quite a list of suspects – and the crimes move from arson to murder…Trivia: Look for Shane Porteous in a brief appearance as an RFS captain; a scene in the old Gearin Hotel at Katoomba; and numerous RFS volunteers and brigades worked on the movie.