Back To The Future: Eighties teen Marty’s family is dysfunctional – Mum’s a depressed alcoholic, Dad’s a coward bullied by his boss Biff and his siblings are social and professional failures. Marty’s friend ‘Doc’ Emmett builds a time machine which he shows to Marty in the middle of the night – a DeLorean powered by plutonium stolen from Libyan terrorists. The Doc wants to go back to November 1955, the day he first conceived the idea of possible time travel. But when the Libyan terrorists arrive, they shoot Doc Brown dead and Marty flees in the Delorean, accidentally hitting the speed of 88 miles per hour necessary for time travel. Now he’s not only stuck in 1955 with no plutonium to get him back to the future, he has to convince 1955 Doc Brown to believe his story AND get his parents to meet and marry – but things become even more complicated when Marty’s mum begins to fall in love with her own son!

Back To The Future II: This time there’s a trip to the future – in a flying DeLorean – to save Marty and Jennifer’s son from a life of crime. But when Marty acquires a sports almanac intending to make some money by gambling on sports matches on his return to 1985, things definitely go awry when old Biff steals the almanac AND the DeLorean and gives the almanacĀ  to himself in 1955 – and Marty and Jennifer return to a very different 1985…one where Hill Valley is a sleazy ruin caused by Biff. The only possible way to change all this is to return to 1955, steal the almanac back from Biff and destroy it.

Back To The Future III: After the DeLorean is struck by lightning in 1955, Marty receives a letter from the Doc dated 1885 – he’s alive and well and working as a blacksmith. Now, 1955 Doc and Marty know where the DeLorean is hidden and can get Marty back to 1985. He is not to try and retrieve the Doc from 1885 – but Marty sees Doc’s tombstone in Hill Valley Cemetery, dated 6 days after the date of the letter. He has to save the Doc’s life. When Marty shows Doc the photo of the tombstone, the Doc agrees to return top the future with him – but the DeLorean’s fuel line is ruptured, the Doc falls in love and they have no way of getting theĀ  DeLorean up to the necessary 88 miles per hour – or do they?