This set contains:  Murder (1930): Two young actresses in a travelling troupe…it seems one has murdered the other – but is that how it happened? The Skin Game (1931): A feud between two affluent families, the long-established and upper-class Hillcrists and the nouveau riche and ex-working-class Hornblowers also carries the underlying themes of class warfare and the urbanisation of the countryside. The Hillcrists are upset by the actions of the ostentatious and crass Hornblower who is buying up land, evicting tenant farmers and surrounding the area with factories. The Hillcrists make every effort they can to preserve the last large piece of open land that adjoins their beautiful rural estate. After being tricked out of the land in an auction, the Hillcrists learn a dark secret about Mr. Hornblower’s beautiful daughter-in-law Chloe…Rich and Strange (1931): Fred and Emily Hill, a mundane middle-class couple receive a letter informing them that they will receive an advance against their future inheritance – as much money as they need to enjoy themselves in the present. But when money comes in the door, does sense fly out the window? Number 17: (1932) Detective Barton is searching for a necklace stolen by a gang of thieves – but there’s far too many mad and maddening characters in the way! The Man Who Knew Too Much: (1934): Ben McKenna, his wife Jo and their son Hank are vacationing in French Morocco. On their travels they meet Frenchman Louis Bernard who seems friendly but asks a lot of questions. They also meet friendly English couple Lucy and Edward Drayton. But no-one is who or what they seem…The 39 Steps (1935)  Man-in-the-street Richard Hannay becomes caught up in preventing an organisation of spies from stealing British military secrets. After being mistakenly accused of the murder of a counter-espionage agent, Hannay is on the run. Inspired by John Buchan’s book of the same name.  Secret Agent (1936): During World War I, British Captain Edgar Brodie returns home on leave, only to discover his obituary in the newspaper. A man identified only as “R” asks him to undertake a secret mission: to identify and eliminate a German agent on his way to Arabia to stir up trouble in the Middle East. Brodie agrees and is given a new identity and the assistance of a killer known variously as “the Hairless Mexican” and “the General”. Sabotage (1936)  Mrs Verloc is unaware that her husband, a London cinema owner, is a terrorist agent, one of a group planning attacks all over London.  Scotland Yard are on the case – but is Mrs Verloc innocent? The Lady Vanishes (1938) English tourist Iris Henderson and her friends Blanche and Julie are travelling in  Europe, when  an old lady, Miss Froy, disappears from the train. But why are her fellow passengers denying ever having seen the elderly lady? Jamaica Inn (1939): Apart from being a hostelry, Jamaica Inn houses the clandestine headquarters of a gang of cutthroats and wreckers, led by innkeeper Joss Merlyn, engineering shipwrecks on the rocky Cornish coast, killing survivors and stealing the cargo.  But business becomes complicated by the arrival of Mrs Merlyn’s young niece.

With a host of stars from Hollywood’s glamor days – Maureen O’Hara, Peter Lorre, Charles Laughton, John Geilgud, Robert Donat and many more.