Dragonheart: Dennis Quaid, David Thewlis, Julie Christie, Peter Postlethwaite and Sean Connery as “Draco” –  When Prince Einar is mortally wounded, he is given a gift of half of the heart of a dragon.  When he grows up as an evil tyrant, his knight Bowein is convinced his evil is due to the dragon’s heart and swears to hunt down the dragon responsible, until only one dragon is left – Draco. Together with a monkish scribe, Draco teaches Bowein the truth of the matter.

Dragonheart: A New Beginning – Chris Masterson, Robby Benson. It was believed that Draco had been the last dragon in existence – but an out-of-the-way monastery is hiding a  secret: a young dragon called Drake, being cared for and raised by the abbot.  A prediction of evil that arrives with a two tailed comet brings two mysterious travelers to the monastery, where an orphaned stable boy has discovered Drake and thinks that with his new friend, he may be able to become a knight in shining armour.