An inspirational true story of courage and a triumphant rescue mission. In World War II, the b6th ranger Battlion is given a mission to push 30 miles behind enemy lines and free 500 prisoners of war from  Canabatuan, the notorious death camp of the Japanese-occupied Philippines. The prisoners are survivors of the Bataan Death March, many of whom are stricken with malaria. Lt. Col. Henry Mucci and his men will face the unthinkable and attempt the impossible. Also starring Mark Consuelos, Max Martini, Logan Marshall-Green, Robert Mammone, Cesar Montano, James Carpinello, Clayne Crawford,Craig McLachlan, Sam Worthington, Natalie Mendoza, Masa Yamaguchi, Paul Nakauchi, Laird Macintosh, Jeremy Callaghan, Dale Dye and Brett Tucker.