When The Kid (Hill) and Ben (Spencer) tie in a race to win a fabulous red dune buggy with a yellow top. Rather than share the prize, they feel the best way to decide the winner is by a beer and hot-dog eating contest at a nearby family amusement park. When the local crime gang smash up the amusement park because ‘The Boss’ wants to build a skyscraper on the site, they also smash up the boys’ prized dune buggy. When a polite request to the mobsters to replace their dune buggy is met with ridicule, the boys begin to get mad – not only on their own behalf but also on behalf of the amusement park!  And not only are they mad, they’re declaring all-out war! The choir rehearsal scene, the fight in the gymnasium and the demolition of a mob night-club are definite highlights. Also stars John Sharpe as ‘The Boss’ and DOnald Pleasance as ‘The Doctor’.