On the Journey of Life, do you sometimes wish you had a map? Well, there is one: this guide through the twelve gateways of personal growth to the summit of your potential. Dan Millman makes your ascent accessible by bringing enlightenment down to earth-applying spiritual wisdom to the practical realities of everyday life. Explore the challenges and mysteries of body, mind, and emotions. Discover a new approach to success. Change confusion into clarity and knowledge into action. It begins as you turn the first page… Chapters:  1. Discover Your Worth; 2. Reclaim Your Will; 3. Energize Your Body; 4. Manage Your Money; 5. Tame Your Mind; 6. Trust Your Intuition; 7. Accept Your Emotions; 8. Face Your Fears; 9. Illuminate Your Shadow; 10. Embrace Your Sexuality; 11. Awaken Your Heart; 12. Serve Your World. Includes advice on practicing everyday enlightenment in the everyday world.