Book I of Five Worlds. It is the end of the 25th century and human civilisation has expanded into the Four Worlds of Earth, Mars, Titan and Pluto. Recent progress in terraforming promises to turn Venus into the Fifth. But for Prime Cornelian, usurper of Martian Rule, there will be no rest until all the planets bow before him. With the blood of treason and treachery on his hands, he is rekindling the ancient savagery for which Martians were once feared – and he’s supplementing it with a new secret weapon of awesome power. Dalin Shar, King of Earth, must flee his besieged palace as his government falls to Martian intrigue. Exiled far from home, at the mercy of strangers he barely trusts, the king struggles to stay alive long enough to gather rebel forces. Cover art by Donato Giancola.