Poor Mr. Banks. His cutaway is too tight, he can’t get a cocktail, and he’s footing the bill….He’s the father of the bride.  Stanley Banks is just your ordinary suburban dad. He’s the kind of man who believes that weddings are simple affairs in which two people get married. But when Daddy’s little girl announces her engagement to Buckley, Mr. Banks feels like his life has been turned upside down. And any man with a daughter can appreciate Mr. Banks’s feelings. To say the least, Mr. Banks isn’t taking it well, and to make matters worse, he must host cocktail parties with the in-laws-to-be, initiate financial planning talks with Buckley, and moderate family conferences on who will be invited to the reception. Who can blame him when he sinks so low as to offer Kay $1500 to elope?
But Mr. Banks holds his peace, and when the last wedding guest has departed from his confetti-matted house, he has his memories, and you have a merry record of his tribulations. Classic comedy that was considered so classic that it has been filmed twice and a 50th anniversary edition of the book was issued. Illustrated by Gluyas Williams.