Book III of The Omen. His coming was foretold in a prophecy of ultimate evil from beyond the dawn of time. A prophecy which spelled destruction for those who ignored the warning until it was too late, and which is about to be fulfilled…From a crumbling monastery in the depths of Northern Italy, Father DeCarlo has watched the relentless progress of the Anti-Christ. Now he knows the world is on the edge of a nightmare that it will not survive. Around the globe, drought, famine and flood strike down helpless millions. There is trouble everywhere. Damien Thorn, the handsome, thirty-two year old head of one of the world’s most powerful corporations… and certain to be president of the United States by the time he is forty. Damien, believed to be the son of Satan, reaching out to claim the Earth for the forces of darkness… Now is the time of prophecy, and Mankind’s only hope lies with twelve men and one woman who must fight a desperate battle that will carry them across the very frontiers of darkness in the final showdown between good and evil. From the screenplay by Andrew Birkin and based on characters created by David Seltzer.