A selection of fabulous fun  shorts from Niven, who just refuses to take time travel seriously! “We don’t know where on Earth you’ll wind up,” Ra Chen told him. And the director of the institute for Temporal Research didn’t know precisely when, either. All he knew was that Hanville Svetz would be travelling back in time for almost 2000 years.  But when he returns, Hanville Svetz won’t be alone. If is mission is successful, he will be accompanied by a creature long extinct – a spectacular birthday present for the Secretary-General. His only help is a picture from a children’s book. A picture of a horse…And so begins the first incredible adventure in time of Hanville Svetz. In this volume:  The Flight of the Horse; Leviathan;  Bird in the Hand;  There is a Wolf in My Time Machine;  Death in a Cage;  Flash Crowd; What Good is a Glass Dagger? Cover art by Peter Jones.