Imagine – you have just finished building your dream home, it has two bedrooms and has been designed just for you. You’ve endured the traumas of tradesmen who you’ve had to cajole, bribe and beg in order to get your home finished.  The next thing that happens is that you are suddenly married, and five of your husband’s children, two grandchildren, a step-son-in-law and an assortment of animals are living with you. At the end of the year, your cosy two-bedroom dream home has become a six-room mansion.  This is Patsy’s entertaining story – all the comical incidents, tradesmen trials, nosy neighbours and extended-family dilemmas from her first year of marriage to Bill, a psychiatrist. Patsy Rowe combined being a best-selling author with coaching in business etiquette, conducting fun nationwide seminars. She passed away in 2016.