Morn and Angus looked grotesque together. She was gorgeous and he was loathsome AND perhaps the most disreputable man still holding docking rights on the Com-Mine ore-mining station. Yet he certainly had some sort of hold over her. The failed asteroid miners, pirates and claim jumpers who drank in Mallory’s Bar even talked of zone implants – illegal, of course, except for treating gap-sickness, but they saw how he kept one hand constantly fisted in the pocket of his shipsuit. No-one was surprised at the current that sparked between Morn and Nick Succorso when they set eyes on each other – his piratical reputation and personal magnetism made him the most desirable man in DelSec, handsome apart from the scars under his eyes that darkened when he first saw Morn. Two weeks later, when Com-Mine Security burst into Mallory’s Bar to arrest¬† Angus for hijacking a supply ship from Earth, Morn was suddenly at Nick’s side and just as suddenly they were both gone.¬† The sort of story that drunks and dreamers tell each other. But it’s not the real story….Cover art by David O’Connor.